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Model 566 Light

Gino Sarfatti

Designed in 1956, the Model 566 embodies Gino Sarfatti’s reductive process, resulting in a balanced elemental form. The luminaire stands poised, with implied forward motion, lightening the contrasting body tube which holds the characteristic Cornalux bulb. The body tube is cleverly supported by a simple rubber ring that provides the perfect amount of friction for infinite adjustability. The base, originally made of cast-iron, is now made from an alloy of aluminium, magnesium, and copper, which provides better resistance to corrosion, produces no air pollution during production, and is recyclable. Punctuating the design, a familiar push-button on/off switch is incorporated in the base, providing a satisfying click.

The choice of bulb for this luminaire enables the strict minimalistic configuration since the bulb itself incorporates a reflector and a means of orientation. With half-silvered glass, coupled with a bayonet fitting, the Cornalux bulb has been out of production for some years. Through a special production for the Model 566, Astep brings this classic back to life with modern energy-efficient and long-lasting LED technology.


Width 14 cm / Depth 37.4 cm / Height 50.6 cm


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