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Circular Table

The Circular Table Series marries pure geometry with high craft, resulting in a simple but elegant circle engineered in solid wood. Originally conceived as a durable everyday table that could be used both indoors and out, the smartly proportioned piece epitomizes BassamFellows contemporary ‘Craftsman Modern’ ethos.

From above, the piece emanates a strong geometric identity given that the circle is divided equally into wedge shapes with the grain of the wood radiating from the center. The table top is cut into three equal segments separated by a 1/4” reveal and held together on the underside with a solid brass ring made using a traditional technique dating from the manufacture of wagon wheels. The reveal allows the pie-shaped solid wood wedges to move freely with variations in humidity eliminating warping and splitting.

A sturdy but agile floating presence is created by the table’s base, made from circular sections of solid naval brass – not hollow tubing – allowing the legs to be bent to the tightest possible radius for elegance and sophistication. All joints are hand welded and invisible. The tabletop is connected to the base with circular stanchions further adding to the table’s lightness. In teak, the table also works well outdoors (covered terrace recommended.)


ø 135cm Height 72cm Top 3cm / ø 80cm Height 45cm Top 2cm / ø 90cm Height 35cm Top 2cm / ø 240cm Height 72cm Top 3cm / Ø 40cm Height 40cm Top 20mm


Solid Teak, Walnut or Ash. Solid oxidized Brass base.


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