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Plank Dining Table

BassamFellows introduced the Plank Series as a response to a design challenge: how to make an incredibly lightweight table that would appear to almost defy gravity? Like some of the best modern architecture, the Plank Table challenges typical notions of structure, often inviting puzzled looks from those who wonder how it is able to hover so effortlessly.

The table’s innovative design formula uses a triangular structure that is independent of the rectangular geometry of the top, the Plank Table’s legs are thus minimized and the structural span is maximized. The result is a three-legged table with triangular cantilevers at each end, creating the illusion of a floating surface. Larger tables link two triangular structures back-to-back to form a zigzag pattern with four legs, achieving spans of up to 9 feet – the lightest possible visual to contrast the mass of the beautifully crafted solid wood plank top. The base is made of cold rolled true bar brass, oxidized to patina gracefully with age. Joints are hand welded. Some sizes also available with low iron glass tops.

Due to its slim-line silhouette, the table is eminently versatile and scalable. As a result the Plank Table is consistently selected by collectors worldwide for its sculptural simplicity and appropriateness in a myriad of settings. One collector commissioned the first Plank Table to use on the set of his British talk show. Later, the same table served as the communal dining table in his prestigious advertising agency. Today, the Plank Table is his executive desk. The Plank Table is a singular piece of striking simplicity and engineering prowess.


Width180cm Depth 90cm Height 72cm Top 3cm / Width 210cm Depth 90cm Height 72cm Top 3cm / Width 240cm Depth 108cm Height 72cm Top 3cm / Width 274cm Depth 108cm Height 72cm Top 3cm


Solid Santos Rosewood, Teak, Walnut or Ash.
Oxidized brass base. Some sizes also available with low iron glass tops.


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