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Croissant Sofa, 3-seater

Illum Wikkelsø

Playful, voluptuous and sublimely crafted, the newly reimagined Croissant Sofa makes a powerful statement in any interior setting and an heirloom to treasure for generations.

Unmistakably the work of celebrated architect and designer Ilum Wikkelsø, the Croissant was his irreverent play on the more traditional Chesterfield sofa, using the French pastry as his inspirational reference. First released in 1962, it captured the zeitgeist of an optimistic decade, and has been a treasured collector’s piece ever since. Now GUBI has subtly refined the original to suit today’s body shapes and give a new generation the opportunity to enjoy Wikkelsø’s vision.

Available in either leather or in a range of upholstered fabrics, the complex curves of the Croissant’s iconic form are achieved through meticulous hand-stitching, and sit atop a base frame and legs made from oiled walnut or oak. The Croissant Sofa’s abundance of character makes it ideal as a distinctive standalone piece in the home, workspace or hotel lobby.


Gross Height Meter: 0,715/ Gross Length Meter: 2,34/ Gross Depth Meter: 0,91/ Seat Height: 46/ Seat Width: 183/ Seat Depth: 56/ Armrest Height: 57/


Base Finish: Solid American Walnut (Oiled)


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