Tinnappelmetz-Gubi-Dédal Shelf 3
Tinnappelmetz-Gubi-Dédal Shelf Hover
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Dédal Shelf

Mathieu Matégot’s Dédal Shelf is a result of his passion for the groundbreaking and innovative pairing of metal tubing and perforated metal sheet. The Dédal Shelf is designed in 1955 and holds the advantages that Rigitulle entails – the metal’s hardness as well as the fabric’s lightness. Though apparently simple, the Dédal Shelf is often composed on several levels. The graphical shape matches each other and when grouped together they form a new design, almost a geometric pattern – especially when the shelves are juxtaposed.


Gross Height Meter: 0,24 / Gross Length Meter: 0,91 / Gross Depth Meter: 0,51


Cream White Semi Matt, Stone Grey Semi Matt, Soft Black Semi Matt


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