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Grace Lounge Chair

Tove Kindt Larsen

An elegant, organic and harmonious compendium of curves, the Grace Chair by Tove Kindt-Larsen leads the contemporary revival of the sustainable and natural rattan material.

Inspired by the soft curves of pebbles and driftwood she would collect from the beaches of northern Denmark, architect and designer Kindt-Larsen’s envisioned a graceful refinement of the informal rattan lounge chair. With its sweeping, gentle curves and intricate loops of flexible rattan, it supports a generous, upholstered seat and envelopes a plump, loose back cushion. Together they bring a comfort, tactility and and lightness that brings the outdoors inside, while the characteristics of the rattan frame give it a natural robustness and longevity.

The timeless beauty of Tove Kindt-Larsen’s 1936 design and the sustainability of the rattan material make the Grace Chair a highly versatile and popular addition to the GUBI collection. With a choice of upholstery options available, it can add light and texture to a home and an informal yet elegant welcome to hotel or business interiors.


Gross Height Meter: 0.78/ Gross Length Meter: 0.76/ Gross Depth Meter: 0.83/ Seating Dimensions Dx Wx H: 75x80x74 Cm/ Seat Height: 43 Cm/ Seat Width: 65 Cm/ Seat Depth: 60 Cm/ Back Height: 45 Cm/ Armrest Height: 28 Cm/ Armrest Distance Between: 70 Cm/ Frame Width: 80 Cm/ Frame Depth: 73 Cm/


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