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Modern Line Sofa

Greta M. Grossman

The Modern Line Sofa was designed in 1949 by Greta M. Grossman. Modern Line was one of her most elegant and minimalistic designs and was praised in particular for being representative of her background in Scandinavian design. Her timeless sofa collection has a sleek, feminine and light expression that is supported with elegant slender legs, which is a true signature for Greta M. Grossman’s designs.

In Grossman’s own words, the sofa was “developed out of our own preferences for living in a modern way.”

Modern Line was also at the forefront of championing Nozag springs, new materials and technology. The sofa was one of the first to use industrialized technology for upholstery of sofas.


Gross Height Meter: 0,56/ Gross Length Meter: 3,05/ Gross Depth Meter: 0,9/ Seat Height: 43 Cm/ Seat Width: 300 Cm/ Seat Depth: 60 Cm/ Back Height: 28 Cm/ Base Leg Thickness: Ø1,3 Cm/ Frame Width: 290 Cm/ Frame Depth: 57 Cm


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