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Timberline Floor Lamp

Mads Caprani

With its playful expression, sinuous organic form, and juxtaposition of natural materials, the Timberline Floor Lamp makes a head-turning sculptural feature in any room of the house. Designed in the 1970s by Mads Caprani, it was visually distinct amongst its peers, and swiftly became an international sensation. The carefully considered design, such as the inset cord and adjustable direction shade, show Caprani’s attention to quality and detail. The lamps natural materials – oak, birch, canvas, and cast-iron – and neutral color palette make it complimentary to any style of interior.


Lamp Height: 151 Cm / Shade Dimension: Ø55 Cm / Cord Length: 200 Cm


Lamp Base: Cast Iron / Lamp Shade: White Canvas / Lamp Stem: Oak/Birch


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