Riva - Tobi

Terry Dwan

Coffee table in solid scented cedar machined from a section of a tree trunk, characterized by a rhombus shape and base in iron with a circular floor plate. Available in single version or as a combination of three elements.


L.34,6 x P.41,7 x H.28, L.34,6 x P.41,7 x H.36, L.67,7 x P.67,7 x H.28 ,L.67,7 x P.67,7 x H.36


Cedarwood,cedarwood Contract Finish,vulcano Cedarwood, Lacquered Iron Ral – 1013_oyster White,lacquered Iron Ral – 3020_traffic Red,lacquered Iron Ral – 7035_light Grey, Lacquered Iron Ral – 7037_dusty Grey, Lacquered Iron Ral – 8019_grey Brown,lacquered Iron Ral – 9001_cream White,lacquered Iron Ral – 9002_grey White,lacquered Iron Ral – 9005_jet Black, Lacquered Iron Ral – 9010_pure White,lacquered Iron Ral – 9016_traffic White,lacquered-iron: Irondust,lacquered Iron, Matt Brushed Effect Aged Bronze,lacquered Iron, Matt Brushed Effect Steel,lacquered Iron, Matt Brushed Effect Titanium


Solid Scented Cedar


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