Cala Ginepro / Sardegna, Italy

2014 – Interior Design – 490sqm
Long time clients of ours asked us to revamp their summer house on the eastern coast of Sardegna. The briefing was to create a a warm and colourful space resilient to the summer madness of a full house and the 24 hour bustle.
Built unto a rock formation, the kitchen on the ground level connects to the pool area. The mix of timber replicates the color scheme of the rock while adding warmth. The bedrooms are all light with some spots of colour and ensuite bathrooms fitted with the local Marmo di Orosai. The top floor houses the main living room connecting to a small pantry with breakfast area.
Cala Ginepro 3
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Cala Ginepro 8
Cala Ginepro 8a
Cala Ginepro 6
Cala Ginepro 6a