2 SAR NH _ Hof

Hill House / Italy

In Progress – Architecture & Interior Design – 530sqm

This two level summer house is situated in the south of Italy not far from the sea. The lower level is practically part of the landscape and houses four master bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, each leading to it’s own private garden. In the center of the bedrooms there is the lower level living area which connects to the pool. The upper level living area has ample views to the south and opens to a courtyard in the north, connecting to the kitchen area.

3 SAR NH _ Westseite
4 SAR NH _ Zugang Oben
6 SAR NH _ Flurblick
5 SAR NH _ Eingang oben 2
7 SAR NH _ Küche
8 SAR NH _ Ostseite
13 SAR NH _ Bedroom von Aussen 2
14 SAR NH _ Bedroom von Aussen 3
15 SAR NH _ Bedroom
16 SAR NH _ Zugang von unten